A Love Letter to Phnom Penh

As I’ve mentioned before, our initial impression of Cambodia wasn’t the best, and after a few days in Siem Reap we decided to only spend about two weeks total in the whole country.  The beaches weren’t really something we felt like we needed to do since we spent SO much time at the beach in Thailand, and everyone we talked to told us that Phnom Penh was seedy, dirty, and just a waste of time.  At this point we were ready to spend a few days in Phnom Penh just to check it off our list and then hightail it to Vietnam.  This would have been the case too if we hadn’t decided to look into Workaway at the last minute.  We decided that if we could find a Workaway position we would stay a little longer in Cambodia.  After a few unsuccessful attempts, we finally sent a message to Ramon Stoppelenburg at The Flicks in Phnom Penh (the job that got Anthony interested in Workaway in the first place), and just like that we had a three week stint in Phnom Penh lined up with accommodation!  Regardless of what the Cambodian capital was like we were heading there.  Continue reading “A Love Letter to Phnom Penh”

Our Visit to Angkor Wat: Day Two

After spending a little over an hour at Angkor Wat the previous evening, Anthony and I were ready for a full day of temples, jungle, and photos in interesting places thanks to our wonderful guide, Mao.  We packed a few snacks in our bags, made sure our water bottles were full, laid out our clothes for the morning, and turned off the lights…only to watch four Continue reading “Our Visit to Angkor Wat: Day Two”

Our First Workaway

I can’t remember how I came across Workaway, but I can tell you from the moment I learned about it I knew it was something I wanted to incorporate in my travels. For a small fee of $29 ($38 for two people), you have access to thousands of odd-job postings from around the world, from working in a hostel to website design. The membership is good for two years, which is more than enough for most travelers. Most of them involve 20-25 hours of work a week and in exchange you get free accommodation and often food and/or drinks as well. The length of employment could be as short as a few days or up to a year for some jobs. For a long term traveler this is a great deal. The idea of moving a little slower than your typical backpacking trip was appealing to me in many ways. I could be more like a local and see a different side of the places I would be going that most tourists don’t see simply because they don’t have the time, and it would be much better on my budget than bouncing from place to place every few days. Continue reading “Our First Workaway”

Our Visit to Angkor Wat–Day One

If you’re traveling to Siem Reap, chances are you’re there pretty much for one thing: the Angkor Wat Temples.  A massive complex of temples that was once swallowed up by the jungle, Angkor Wat is basically the Machu Picchu of Cambodia…if you’re there you can’t miss it.  The city of Siem Continue reading “Our Visit to Angkor Wat–Day One”

My First Impressions of Cambodia, and Why You Should NEVER Let Your Empty Stomach Decide Where to Eat.

After spending a month in Thailand it was time to move on to Cambodia. Anthony and I spent an entire day (literally 15 hours) traveling from Krabi Province in Thailand to Siem Reap in Cambodia. It was a very long day with the bumpiest bus ride of all time, but we made it safe and sound, if a little tired and road weary. Our first night in Siem Reap got off to a bit of a bumpy start. We arrived fairly late, and decided to walk to the night market to get something to eat since we assumed it would be like all of the Continue reading “My First Impressions of Cambodia, and Why You Should NEVER Let Your Empty Stomach Decide Where to Eat.”