Our First Business Class Experience!

After nearly 3 months motorbiking and teaching English in Vietnam, it was time to leave. Originally Hong Kong wasn’t on the planned itinerary, but since it’s a Cathay Pacific hub and I can book Cathay Pacific/Dragonair flights with my British Airways Avios, I figured let’s take a few days and see what the city is all about. The best part, because Avios have a distance based award chart, and the distance between Hanoi and Hong Kong is in the 1st tier, a business class ticket cost just 9,000 Avios + $26. What makes it even better is I transferred these points from my Amex account last year during a 50% bonus promotion, so it was really 6,000 Amex points. Those 6,000 Amex points would be redeemable for a whopping $60 in cash. Not too shabby of a redemption for a flight that would cost $1008 USD out of pocket. This is the kind of travel hacking I’m always yapping about in my posts.

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Lounge Review : United Club, Hong Kong Int’l Airport

After our time in the VN Lounge in Hanoi, Anthony and I have decided that lounge life is officially the only way to travel.  When you’re backpacking long-term, getting anything for free always feels great and even spending a few hours in comfort and luxury without having to pay for it is a nice break from reality.  Most of the time we walk, take public transportation, long bus rides, or hot dusty tuk-tuks, so to spend a few hours in a comfortable (and SWANKY) place is always a plus.  Unfortunately for us, we’re not always going to be able to fly business class (although we’re working on getting there!) so sometimes we have to get creative.  Awhile back Anthony signed up for some promotion that rewarded him with two United Club passes, and while flying from Hong Kong to Taipei we were finally able to put them to good use.
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