Din Tai Fung : A Culinary Delight That’s Easy on the Budget

Ever since I was little, I’ve been completely obsessed with dumplings.  When my sister and I were kids our parents always ordered dumplings from the local Chinese place for dinner since we were still fairly picky eaters.  As I grew up, my taste buds matured, but I never lost my love for those little pockets of deliciousness. One of my favorite things about traveling is the food (as I’ve mentioned many times), and Taiwan was basically dumpling heaven.  I had so many different kinds while we were there that I’m honestly surprised I didn’t turn into one.  Most of the time I would just get a box from a food stall at a night market, but even when we’re backpacking we still try to treat ourselves every now and then.  Enter: Din Tai Fung. 
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Top Things To Do in Kaohsiung

As we’ve mentioned before, Anthony and I didn’t really know what to expect when we decided to make a stop in Taiwan.  What we got was a country with great food, museums, scenery, and people.  We had planned on heading from Taipei to Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Kenting, but after that we weren’t quite sure how to kill the twelve days we would have before we were due at our Workaway at Duckstay Hostel.  Accommodation and travel are a decent bit more expensive in Taiwan than Southeast Asia so we were apprehensive about about traveling around more, and hostels in Taipei are quite pricey so we didn’t want to hole up there when we would be working there for a month anyway.  Enter Casual Way Hostel in Kaohsiung.

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The Many Foods of Taiwan – Part Three

Part One and Part Two are in the books and Part Three will be the last one of this series, but not for lack of content. I can’t stress just how much we enjoyed the food scene during our two months in Taiwan. Our only issue was there was just too much food to try! Luckily, we plan on returning within the next year or so and when we do, we have a laundry list of foods we didn’t get a chance to eat our first time around. That being said, here is the wrap up of some of the foods we DID get to try while we were there.

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The Many Foods of Taiwan – Part Two

In Part One of this series we went over some Taiwanese staples like pepper buns, gua bao, lu rou fan, and more. We’re continuing with five new dishes in Part Two, and have even more to present in a future post! Taiwan really is a foodie’s paradise, but there are just too many foods to try in such a short period of time. This series is just a compilation of the ones we did manage to try and hope you do as well when you visit the island.

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The Many Foods of Taiwan – Part One

Although Taiwan is a rather small country (slightly bigger than Massachusetts) the island is packed with culture. There is an endless amount of things to do, see, and best of all, eat! Taiwan really is a foodie’s paradise and doesn’t get enough credit for it. Most of the talk about foodie destinations in Asia revolve around Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, but Taiwan I believe deserves to be in the talks as well.

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