” How Much Does it Cost to Travel?” – Thailand in a Spreadsheet

(*Numbers in the spreadsheet are in Thai Baht. 35 Baht = 1 USD*) 

The question everyone seems to want to know : “ How much does it cost to travel?”. It’s a widely written about subject, both on The Shoestring Trekkers and the thousands of other travel blogs out there. I decided to keep track of my expenses over the course of this trip in hopes to show people what your daily costs will look like. The expenses in the spreadsheet are for just myself, not Breada and I. Our costs were pretty much the same though so we figured there was no point to track both of us. Bear in mind, we split accommodation costs so these are cheaper than normal. At the same time, we were booking mostly private rooms, which are about the same costs as a dorm bed so if you plan on only staying in dorms the numbers will be accurate for you as well. 

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Our Day at Lanta Animal Welfare – A Little Place Doing a LOT of Good

During our second week on Koh Lanta, Anthony and I decided to take a break from the beach and visit Lanta Animal Welfare.  It’s rated number one on TripAdvisor for things to do in Koh Lanta, and since we’re both animal lovers we knew it was something we didn’t want to miss.  We did a little research and saw that they allow people to walk dogs every morning (9 to 11) and evening (3 to 5) so we decided we would do just that!  The morning we visited we just showed up and let them know that’s what we Continue reading “Our Day at Lanta Animal Welfare – A Little Place Doing a LOT of Good”

Super Soaked–Songkran on Koh Lanta

One of the things I had been most looking forward to during our trip was being in Thailand for Songkran.  For those of you who have NO idea what I’m talking about, Songkran is the Thai  New Year and it is essentially a giant water fight!  The word Songkran is derived from a Sanskrit term that literally means “astrological passage’” and can now be loosely defined as a transformation or change.  While Thailand officially celebrates the New Year on January 1st along with the rest of the world, Songkran is still celebrated in April as it was when Thailand still followed the Hindu/Buddhist solar calendar.  Now it is more of a spiritual holiday that Continue reading “Super Soaked–Songkran on Koh Lanta”

Our Favorite Foods on Koh Lanta

*Note : These are all sit-down restaurants and on an island at that, which inflates the prices of the dishes. Some of these dishes on the mainland can be as much as half of the prices listed here. That being said, compared to Western costs, these are all still a bargain. Also, none of these restaurants compensated us in any way for writing about them. These are truly our favorites.*

Though we left Koh Lanta over a week ago, we haven’t stopped thinking about it and are already planning a return trip in the near future. Two weeks just wasn’t enough. The island is absolutely beautiful and the beaches are some of the nicest we’ve ever been on, especially during April which is the beginning of the low season and the beaches are pretty empty. One day on Phra Ae ( long beach ) we had a stretch of about 200 feet in both directions all to ourself. It felt like our own private beach! If you like hiking, the Koh Lanta National Park has plenty of trails to explore, a nice beachfront to relax on, and a lighthouse at the top of a hill which makes for a great viewpoint. Our favorite part of the island though, and it’s usually our favorite part of anywhere we go, was the food. Overall we got pretty lucky with the food we ate, thanks in large part to recommendations by our Airbnb host Maayan and Tripadvisor. I’d like to go over some of our favorite spots so you can check them out when you go to Koh Lanta!

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Why You Shouldn’t Plan Too Far In Advance : A Cautionary Tale

A lot of people ( more like 3 ) have messaged us wondering when we were going to post some new content. The last couple of weeks Breada and I have been on island time, which is really just a euphemism for we felt like doing nothing but relax on the beach and eat all day. We’ve neglected the blog and our social media quite a bit, but now that we’re no longer beachside we’ll be back at it, posting more content than we ever have before.

As I write this, Breada and I are on a 6 hour bus ride to the Thai border town of Aranyaprathet. 2.5 hour bus ride from the Cambodian border town of Poipet to Siem Reap.This is part of our traveling day from hell, beginning with a van ride from our “resort” in Krabi Town to the airport, a plane from Krabi to Bangkok, a taxi from the airport to the bus depot, a bus to the Thai border town of Aranyaprathet, a tuk-tuk from Aranyaprathet bus station to the border crossing, getting stamped out of Thailand and applying for our Cambodian visas, walking through the no mans land ( a seedy looking area between the two countries I hope to never see again), and finally a bus from the Cambodian border town of Poipet to Siem Reap. All in all we’re looking at about 15 hours of travel today, but I digress. I’m here to talk a little about something that happened to us on Koh Lanta as well as planning, and why planning too much in advance can screw you in the end.  Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Plan Too Far In Advance : A Cautionary Tale”