Two Days In: Kuala Lumpur

After Singapore it was time to move on to Malaysia.  We spent about two weeks exploring the country with our first city being the capital of Kuala Lumpur.  KL is a bustling modern metropolis that we both instantly liked.  It has the same bright light feel as Singapore, but with a little more of the wild west craziness that most people associate with Southeast Asia.  Here are a few tips for two days in the home of the famed Petronas Towers: Kuala Lumpur.   

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The First Thing I Do When Researching A New Destination

The title is a little clickbaity I admit, but this really is the first thing I do. What is it, you’re wondering? It’s one simple Google search, and one that has benefited us immensely in cities all across the world.

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Six Months Later – My Packing List Revisited

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When Breada and I began planning our year+ trip around the world, we had no idea what to expect. Originally our plan was to spend 3-4 months in Southeast Asia and then move on to India, and eventually Eastern Europe and South America. It’s now been 6 months in Asia and the original plan is out the window.

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Common Travel Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

The first time I ever left the country I was 20 years old. To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing and my lack of research and preparation cost me a lot of money, money that could have been used to extend my travels. The trip was just 3 weeks long, but I had spent as much money in those 3 weeks as I did on my 7 week trip the following year. I’m now 26 and have been traveling off and on since that first trip, and I want to share some of my insight to current and future travelers on how they can avoid some of the travel mistakes I made and save themselves both money and time. These tips are mostly geared towards beginner travelers, but are useful to anybody considering traveling internationally.

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How to Save for your own Adventure!

Like the post on budgeting, everyone’s situation is different. Some people have more bills,loans, and responsibilities than others which make it harder to save. If you’re looking for a way to save a ton of money overnight here, I suggest you look elsewhere. In the grand scheme of things my bills weren’t much and it still took me a year to get everything I needed for this trip. Hopefully you can do it in less time.

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