Our Cathay Pacific “Tour de Lounge” – Part Two

Sorry for the long delay in between Parts 1 and 2 of our “Tour de Lounge”! We’ve been pretty busy, between spending time with my sister Brittany and her fiance Chad to hanging out in the mountains of Northern Thailand, and finally settling down into our new jobs in Hoi An, Vietnam. Now that we’re settled though I’m hoping to get back in a habit of writing a couple posts a week! We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway.. back to the story.

The Cabin


Our 4th stop on our lounge crawl was The Cabin. The main selling point for us when it came to The Cabin was their fresh squeezed juice bar. We hadn’t had much fruit while in Taiwan because of how expensive it was so this was going to be a nice treat for us. Now that we’re back in Southeast Asia where fruit is abundant and cheap it seems trivial, but at the time a complimentary juice bar was really big.



The lounge itself was decent, but not as nice as the previous CX lounges we had gone to. The food options were decent but the juice options were limited. Bummer! I will say the juices were pretty good, but there were only a few choices.


All of this could be due to the fact we were there late, so the number of juices were cut down as the night progressed. Given how nice the other lounges were, we’ll give The Cabin the benefit of the doubt here.


Also, The Cabin had what looks to be an amazing view of the tarmac, but because it was night we didn’t get to see much of anything. Maybe next time we’re in Hong Kong we’ll visit this one first to check out the views.



Pros –

  • Juice Bar
  • Tarmac View

Cons –

  • Limited Food/Juice Selection
  • No “Wow” Factor

Plaza Premium Lounge


While we were walking from The Cabin to The Pier we stumbled across a Plaza Premium lounge. Because I’m a Priority Pass member (as is Breada) we can get free access to their lounges, as well at 800+ lounges around the world. Our flight had just been delayed about 40 minutes so we figured why not stop in and check it out!



Luckily it was free, because if I had to pay I wouldn’t have been too thrilled. It was absolutely packed to the brim. Literally almost nowhere to sit. Honestly I think if space is what you’re looking for in a lounge, than the terminal was roomier. The food was also pretty cleaned out, with just a few appetizers here and there. They could have been about to restock though, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. The bar area was nice looking, but you had to pay for everything but beers, so I’ll pass.


I think if the lounge wasn’t so busy, it would look quite nice, but it was too busy to really be enjoyable. Plus it was really dim for whatever reason inside, which gave it the impression of being even smaller than it was. In the end, we decided to leave after about ten minutes. It cost us nothing to get in, and we still had one lounge to go so it wasn’t like we lost anything by going in.

Bonus Points : One of the lounge employees overheard me say to Breada how packed it was inside, and came up to us and offered to send us to the other lounge where it wasn’t as busy. I thanked him for his offer, but it was fine. I had a feeler it wouldn’t live up to The Pier anyway. Either way, those are the kind of employees you want in a service industry position like that, and left us with a good impression of the lounge even if it wasn’t worth hanging around.

Pros –

  • Priority Pass Access
  • Good Customer Service

Cons –

  • Way Too Busy
  • Only Complimentary Beer (No Wine or Spirits)
  • Did I Mention It Was Way Too Busy?

The Pier


The Pier was Cathay Pacific’s most recently built lounge, and I’m happy we saved it for last. If we didn’t, all the others would seem like disappointments. First, the lounge is MASSIVE. It’s just room after room after room, and all of it beautiful and well designed. Also, it had the best food options of all the lounges we had been to previously. I wanted to eat literally everything they had, but after all the food we had throughout the day I could only put down so much.





I “settled” on a rack of lamb with thyme jus, which was outstanding. A perfect medium rare going on medium. It’s also some of the only lamb I’ll be eating for the next six months since lamb is quite pricey and my diet consists mostly of mystery street meat.

One of the unique features at The Pier is their Tea Room, which has an assortment of teas from around the world you can try, as well as a few self service fruit drinks. I love tea, and don’t have it as much as I should, so I had to take this opportunity to have some. I loved the presentation that came along with the tea, complete with an hourglass to let me know when the tea was done steeping and ready to drink.



There was also a wide variety of desserts to try out. I couldn’t try them all, but I gave it a good run. Everything was simply amazing and if I had any more room to eat I would have, but I had already pushed my limits on the day and I still had a meal on the flight to eat.

the-pier-more-desert the-pier-desert

If I had to pick something I didn’t like about The Pier it would be its lack of a solid view. However, considering everything else the lounge offered I can live with a mediocre view.

Pros –

  • Tea Room
  • Best Food
  • Large Layout

Cons –

  • Mediocre View


In the end we managed to hit not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six lounges!!! (I hope you all read that in Lebron James’ voice too by the way.)

I think by the end of this post you figured out who our winner was… The Pier! It was hands down the best lounge in terms of space, food, and features. That being said, you can’t go wrong with any of the Cathay Pacific business class lounges. I probably wouldn’t go back to the Plaza Premium lounge, because it was so busy and after talking to a few people it seems to be like that constantly. There’s another Plaza Premium lounge at HKG so the next time we’re there I’ll check that one out.

After reading our thoughts and looking at the pictures, what do you think?! Ever been to a lounge, and if so, which was your favorite and why? Comment and let us know!

Also, stay tuned for future posts about Thailand, settling down in Hoi An, Vietnam, and our first Vietnamese wedding!

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