RTW Packing List – Anthony

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So one of the most common questions I get after people find out how long Breada and I are traveling for is “So what do you pack for a year abroad?”. Packing your life in a couple of backpacks is quite the task, but with enough planning it can be done fairly easily. Some sacrifices will likely need to be made in order to keep your pack light. For me it was jeans. I wear jeans almost every day back home, but unfortunately they’re heavy and take forever to dry. Instead, I have lightweight quick drying hiking pants. Not necessarily my style, but for what we’re doing they’re a better choice. 

I’ve broken my things up in five categories : my backpacks, clothing, toiletries, electronics, and other odds and ends. I’m not gonna lie, I packed more than I had planned. Some things will wear down as we travel, like the body wash and the allergy medicine, making the pack lighter. I also packed a couple extra pairs of socks and shirts, and will be chucking things as I go. After a month or two we’ll reevaluate the odds and ends and anything not being used regularly will also get tossed. Now, without further ado, here is my life in a backpack!  Continue reading “RTW Packing List – Anthony”

OMG You’re Crazy!

     “So what are your plans after graduation?  Are you going to grad school or getting a job right away?”  asked my classmate (we’ll call her Jenna) one April afternoon as we wandered out of a two hour lecture on East Asian cultures.  “Well my boyfriend and I are actually planning on traveling for awhile before we settle into jobs.  It’s something we’ve both wanted to do so we figured this was the perfect time.”  “Oh wow that’s so exciting!  I’ve always wanted to travel!  How long are you planning on going?”  “A year.”  I braced myself for her response.  “A YEAR?!?! OMG you’re crazy!”

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RTW 2016 : An Introduction

It’s been more than a year in the making. Not a day goes by – no, not an hour goes by that I don’t think about it. I have been researching and saving for this trip for what feels like an eternity and in a little more than one month it will finally begin. It’s a trip to top all trips : one year around the world with nothing but my backpack and my girlfriend Breada. I’ve never been so anxious and excited at the same time in my life. I’ve never done a trip of this magnitude before. I mean, it was only 5 years ago I left the country for the first time. Since, however, its all i’ve wanted to do. 

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