14 Months in 14 Pictures

It’s been a month since we’ve been home, and it’s almost as if it never happened. Lucky for us, we have the pictures as proof of our adventures! I literally took thousands upon thousands of pictures along the way, but I thought I would pick just 14, one for each month we were away. These aren’t necessarily my favorite moments (though they’re all great memories!) but the ones I thought really showed what our trip was all about. 

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Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus

We had decided after a month of traveling through Thailand that Cambodia would be our next stop. We had a fully paid ticket from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, but this was purchased for the sole purpose of having a return ticket out of the country in case someone at the airlines or customs was having a bad day and wanted to give us a hard time. No worries though, the tickets were just $30 each and were factored into our budget as a necessary cost. Continue reading “Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus”

” How Much Does it Cost to Travel?” – Thailand in a Spreadsheet

(*Numbers in the spreadsheet are in Thai Baht. 35 Baht = 1 USD*) 

The question everyone seems to want to know : “ How much does it cost to travel?”. It’s a widely written about subject, both on The Shoestring Trekkers and the thousands of other travel blogs out there. I decided to keep track of my expenses over the course of this trip in hopes to show people what your daily costs will look like. The expenses in the spreadsheet are for just myself, not Breada and I. Our costs were pretty much the same though so we figured there was no point to track both of us. Bear in mind, we split accommodation costs so these are cheaper than normal. At the same time, we were booking mostly private rooms, which are about the same costs as a dorm bed so if you plan on only staying in dorms the numbers will be accurate for you as well. 

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From Elephant Pants to Tiger Cave Temples—My First Impressions of Thailand

Now that Anthony and I have been on our journey for just under a week I’ve found myself getting even more excited for the next year.  While walking by The Grand Palace in Bangkok on one of our first afternoons in Thailand it finally hit me: we are really doing this and we don’t have to go back until we’re ready.  I felt so much peace in that one moment in spite of the sweltering heat because seeing the world truly is something I’ve always wanted to do, and now I’m actually doing it.  I keep getting ahead of myself and thinking of the next step, the next town, the next country, but I’m trying to remember to be present in the moment we’re in currently.  Those adventures will come when it’s time.  Right now we’re in Thailand and so far I’m loving it.  Flashback to a few days ago when we made our initial arrival in Bangkok: jet lagged, dressed in clothes not appropriate for the intense tropical heat, and one of us sick as a dog.  Going through customs as well as the taxi ride into the city are a blur due to both me being severely overtired, and trying to be hyper focused on Anthony to hopefully intercept any more projectile vomit.  Unfortunately my Red Sox hat had to be sacrificed (it was that or let him puke all over his hands), and the taxi driver was giggling incessantly at Anthony the entire ride, but we eventually made it to the hostel in one piece.  We had about five drama free minutes until Anthony realized he had left his phone in the cab, and panic set in.  Luckily at the airport in Bangkok they give you slips at the taxi kiosk with all of your driver’s information so after setting my road weary travel partner up on a little bit of concrete next to our backpacks, I called the driver.  Luckily the promise of money is a language spoken by all, and he promptly returned the phone for 500 baht (about $15).  Our journey had officially started. 

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First Days in the City of Angels

Not Los Angeles, Bangkok! To be honest, my first day here was brutal. On our way here we had two flights : Boston – Zurich , and Zurich – Bangkok. On the second flight I got sick and well… threw up all over the place. It was pretty bad , and embarrassing to say the least. In hindsight, I should have prepared better for the long journey. The day before we left was Easter Sunday and I ate like it was my job. I probably should have went a little easier on the Pizza Cheina ( the best part about Easter Sunday in my opinion. Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about ), which dried me right out. To make matters worse, we had gone out to see our friends one last time the night before and I was downing gin and tonics and tequila shots all night. I said I would drink water in between, but of course that never happened. Needless to say, I was dehydrated before we even stepped foot on a plane. Add to that a lack of fresh air, shitty airline food, and no sleep and you have a recipe for disaster. Moral of the story : drink lots of water and get some sleep before you fly! I hope to never have a first day like the one I had ever again.  Continue reading “First Days in the City of Angels”