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KL Post3

Two Days In Kuala Lumpur

After Singapore it was time to move on to Malaysia.  We spent about two weeks exploring the country with our first city being the capital of Kuala Lumpur.  KL is a bustling modern metropolis that we both instantly liked.  It has the same bright light feel as Singapore, but with a little more of the […]

Singapore Post2

Two Days In Singapore

We’re moving pretty fast this trip.  During our last jaunt around Southeast Asia, our time frame didn’t have a solid expiration date.  This gave us the luxury of staying places for more days than most, and allowed us to have a fairly flexible itinerary.  This time, however, we only have three months.  This means our […]


The Great Banh Mi Showdown

To say that Anthony and I were excited about the food in Vietnam would be a total understatement. For years we’ve been obsessed with a food truck back home called Bon Me (if you live in Boston stalk their truck and GO EAT THERE NOW) that sells traditional Vietnamese sandwiches known as banh mi and […]