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Traveling For One Year: Easier or Harder Than Expected?

The first two things Anthony and I ever bonded over was our love of fried cherry peppers in calamari, and our passion for travel.  Over the course of our relationship we’ve been lucky enough to have many experiences with both travel and calamari, but I’d say this trip easily wins out as the best experience […]

Koh Lanta Sunset

A Year of Travels : A Reflection

Today marks exactly one year since Breada and I set off on our big adventure around the world. Sometimes I think back and it feels like we left yesterday and other times it feels like we’ve been away for years.


Breada’s Top Five Experiences from the First Six Months

These six months have been some of the best in my life.  This trip has challenged us mentally and physically, but every challenge has been worth the reward.  We’ve been to five countries, eaten tons of delicious food, and made total fools of ourselves attempting to speak a host of new languages.  It’s been an […]

Border Crossing Map

Bangkok to Siem Reap by Bus

We had decided after a month of traveling through Thailand that Cambodia would be our next stop. We had a fully paid ticket from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, but this was purchased for the sole purpose of having a return ticket out of the country in case someone at the airlines […]

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” How Much Does it Cost to Travel?” – Thailand in a Spreadsheet

(*Numbers in the spreadsheet are in Thai Baht. 35 Baht = 1 USD*)  The question everyone seems to want to know : “ How much does it cost to travel?”. It’s a widely written about subject, both on The Shoestring Trekkers and the thousands of other travel blogs out there. I decided to keep track […]

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Our Day at Lanta Animal Welfare – A Little Place Doing a LOT of Good

During our second week on Koh Lanta, Anthony and I decided to take a break from the beach and visit Lanta Animal Welfare.  It’s rated number one on TripAdvisor for things to do in Koh Lanta, and since we’re both animal lovers we knew it was something we didn’t want to miss.  We did a […]


Super Soaked–Songkran on Koh Lanta

One of the things I had been most looking forward to during our trip was being in Thailand for Songkran.  For those of you who have NO idea what I’m talking about, Songkran is the Thai  New Year and it is essentially a giant water fight!  The word Songkran is derived from a Sanskrit term […]


Our Favorite Foods on Koh Lanta

*Note : These are all sit-down restaurants and on an island at that, which inflates the prices of the dishes. Some of these dishes on the mainland can be as much as half of the prices listed here. That being said, compared to Western costs, these are all still a bargain. Also, none of these […]


Why You Shouldn’t Plan Too Far In Advance : A Cautionary Tale

A lot of people ( more like 3 ) have messaged us wondering when we were going to post some new content. The last couple of weeks Breada and I have been on island time, which is really just a euphemism for we felt like doing nothing but relax on the beach and eat all […]


Falling in Love with Koh Lanta

In all of our travels, one thing Anthony and I have never done is stay at an AirBnB! We usually stay in hostels due to their value and because it’s easy to meet people, however, after having so many friends rave about AirBnB we decided to finally give it a go on this trip. Luckily […]

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Backpacking Thailand With A Peanut Allergy – Easy or Impossible?

(***I’m not a doctor and nothing in this post should be considered sound medical advice***) *Updated Again March 27th, 2017* It’s been almost 9 months since I updated this post, but I am reaffirming what I said in the last update. Vietnam has a much higher prevalence of peanuts than Thailand. In the time since I […]


From Elephant Pants to Tiger Cave Temples—My First Impressions of Thailand

Now that Anthony and I have been on our journey for just under a week I’ve found myself getting even more excited for the next year.  While walking by The Grand Palace in Bangkok on one of our first afternoons in Thailand it finally hit me: we are really doing this and we don’t have […]