A Little Update…

Have no fear, The Shoestring Trekkers are back!

It was looking like the page was going to fall into the abyss of the interwebs, but fear not! Honestly, as soon as we got home everything just sort of fell back into place like we never left. I can’t tell you how many blogs I read that all said the same thing : you may come home much different from when you left, but what you left behind will be the exact same. It really is so true. If I didn’t have 14 months worth of memories crammed in my head, I would think I never left.

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Our Cathay Pacific “Tour de Lounge” – Part One

One day, two flights, and as many lounges as we could fit in. This was the day Breada and I had ahead of us and it was one I had been looking forward to since we booked our tickets back to Bangkok. I was especially looking forward to our “tour de lounge”. Cathay Pacific (CX) is known for having some of the best business class lounges in the world and due to a four hour layover we were going to experience at least two of them and hopefully more. Plus, we had the CX lounge in Taipei to enjoy, which makes three guaranteed lounges on the day, but I wanted more. I wanted all four main CX business class lounges at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), plus the one in Taipei. Hitting all five was going to be tough, but I was confident. My only worry was would I have enough room in my stomach for all the food and wine I would be drinking?!

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